The Gang

The Gang
Ceramic, glazes, multi-fired.

Leroy, H36 x L19 x D9cm
Ceramic, glazes, multi-fired.

Johnny Junior, H28 x L21 x D7cm
Ceramic, glazes, multi-fired

Pedro, H31 x L14 x D6cm
Ceramic, glazes, multi-fired.


Loves: Samurai Sudoku puzzles, wearing socks with Birkenstock sandals

Hates: wash day

Favourite book: The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Current Obsession: photography

Hidden secret: read a Mills and Boon book once

Johnny  junior

Loves: driving fast cars

Hates: Hissy fits and fads

Favourite music: Frank Sinatra

Current Obsession: pop corn and listening to Frank Sinatra albums

Hidden secret: scared of heights



Loves: Hanging out with friends, Judith Lucy

Hates: neat people – they’re too much of a challenge

Favourite food: pina coladas

Current Obsession: chilli chocolate

Hidden secret: was almost arrested once


H28 x L18 x D7cm
Ceramic, glazes, multi-fired

H20 x L14 x D6cm
Ceramic, glazes, multi-fired



Loves: my new mp3 player, gadgets and buttons – the more remotes the merrier

Hates: parking meters

Favourite food: burritos

Current Obsession: my girlfriend Lulu and Facebook

Hidden secret: I know what I was in a past life



Loves: ice skating, hockey

Hates: Blind dates

Favourite movie: anything with karate and kung fu in it

Current Obsession: collecting ticket stubs & moths

Hidden secret: I own a yellow spandex hat



Dances with Wool

Dances with wool
Ceramic, glazes, multi-fired.

Tallulah, 14 x 14 x 13cm
Ceramic, glazes, multi-fired.


Elvis, 11  x 7 x 6cm
Ceramic, glazes, multi-fired


Miss Coco, 9 x 4 x 5cm
Ceramic, glazes, multi-fired



Loves: chilli-chocolate ice cream, jazz ballet

Hates: scrapbooking & wind chimes that won’t stop

Can’t live without: my Manolo Blahnik stilettos

Would never: perm my hair

Current Obsession: ping pong and felting (not at the same time)

Hidden secret: believes in reincarnation



Loves: Thai food, pickles in burgers

Hates: celery with a passion

Can’t live without: cup of Earl Grey first thing in the morning

Favourite hobby: buying useless things on ebay

Current Obsession: ringing psychic lines

Hidden secret: wears a toupé

Miss Coco

Loves: playing the trombone

Hates: polka dots & neat people (chaos is much more creative)

Can’t live without: chewing gum – I’m addicted

Favourite song: How do you solve a problem like Maria?

Current Obsession: skydiving

Hidden secret: aspires to own a Winnebago (the ‘classic premium’ model in particular)

Fifi, 10 x 7 x 10cm
Ceramic, glazes, multi-fired


Douglas, 23 x 15 x 7cm
Ceramic, glazes, multi-fired


Wally, 14 x 9 x 3cm
Ceramic, glazes, multi-fired



Loves: collecting moths, tap dancing, accounting

Hates: chocolate with fruit in it – I’m a purist

Can’t live without: caffeine

Favourite Poet: Sylvia Plath

Current Obsession: chicken twisties & Samurai Sudoku puzzles

Hidden secret: closet taxidermy enthusiast




Loves: collecting antiques

Hates: flimsy Ikea products & the smell of mothballs

Can’t live without: fabric softner

Favourite  hobby: rearranging my Meissen porcelain collection

Current Obsession: sleeping with scarf on

Hidden secret: wears thermal underwear (even in summer) and owns a black feather boa



Loves: companion planting and worm farms

Hates: sound of balloons popping

Can’t live without: my veggie patch

Favourite pastime: reading the ‘Odd Spot’ section of The Age

Current Obsession: collecting motorbikes

Hidden secret: has a tattoo of Bumbelina